This post is going to focus on the interesting topic of using creative art in your personal thoughts portrayed in your personal diary. Writing your thoughts on paper is a beautiful and relaxing way to express emotions, and it will be more enthusiastic if some colorful art can be used to add beauty. I have tried in this post to provide you some innovative ideas to implement on your diaries and journal which I use. I generally research about the inspiring art therapies through the internet. So here I am going to share with you some of these. You should either draw or paint you whatever you feel.

If you don’t like to draw or take photographs then you can try to create a list of many things for making your visual journal. It can include the thoughts of your last visit where you had fun. A journal can also refer the person you admire the most. Some people like to make lists of their favorite books and movies. I also like to make a journal of my short and long term goals. Most of Younger like to make their visual journal prompts on their favorite songs and the places where they want to go alone or with their friends.

Art theory is a best option to encourage the creativity, to improve self-esteem and it also helps to reduce stress with so many types. I really think that Art theory is one of the best theories which do not need any verbal language, just to express you very easily with the help of art theory. If you really want to get benefits of art theory so it is not important either you are an artist or not, you can just enjoy it. So I think if you are planning to about use this then first you have to select the right tool which is required to make you help to create your imagination or something’s which makes you feel great. It is a great way to feel relaxed. You can paint, scribble with the using of different colors like oil pastel, color pencils, fabric color, crayons, water color etc. But personally I like to paint through fingers and hands get messy and spread that all over the painting, this made me very happy. You also can try draw in the sand so I think you should try these art techniques and some casino games to make you feel good and relax.