My post is about the journaling ideas. How and what can you write in your journal. I think writing our own journal is very is a very best and unique idea to know more about you. It is also a better option to make your life balanced. In fact I write my own journal and after writing my journal I feel very good. Whatever did happen in my whole day, at the end of the day I write that in my journal. You also can write about your experiences, about food, the taste. The best benefit of the keeping journal is when I read mine, it recall how the incidents happens. It recalls sometime good and sometime bad incidents.

You also can keep in your journal about your dreams, strength, events, values, what to do, which have changed your life or makes you feel happy. And always start with “I remember” or you want to do some creative with your journal so, you can pick any subject, any feeling, any person, any event or anything you like or dislike in which you can write any poem or rhyme.

You can also write about your passion like what you want to do or will do. If you feel shy or you do not share your feeling or something about any person, you can write in your journal. Writing journal helps you in various manners. You can write with your personal family or friend photographs. Or particular you like any photo. It is one of the best ways to recall past memory or incident. Sometime if I am sad or upset so, I use this way to make me feel good. I pick any best moment picture and do write in my journal and it makes me feel great. You can also write about you life’s turning point like your experience, what lesson either good or bad has you gained. Your good or bad stuff about your past life which will help you for always. You can use your school and collage stuff too. Your activities like games, drama, relationships, health etc. whatever you liked in your collage days, when i was used to play many online games with my friends after the collage.

If you have no words or something to describe that moment or incident or something so, you can express that with the help of drawing or images. Let be free yourself to draw or doodle anything which you want. And I hope this article will help you to make your journal.