Today, I will tell you the important thing and instructions which would help you to keep a creative journal. I would say that keeping a journal is based on imagination and there are many benefits of keeping journal. If you have any idea, planning and others things to write then you can use them to create a journal. First of all you need to purchase a journal. People mostly like to make journal of plain papers so they can draw their creative thoughts. Keeping a journal is not a one-time work so always try to take your journal with you wherever you go. This will help you to get more ideas and creative thinking. Don’t think that your journal is your work, try to have fun with you journal and explain your thoughts in a fantastic way.

I can say that keeping journal is very beneficial for those who like painting, drawing and keeping scrapbook. Keeping a journal is not so expensive and you don’t need to buy any special things because it depends on your dreamy ideas and creative utilization of simple things such as photograph, colours, pen and ribbons. The best thing I like about keeping journal is there are no boundaries and you can choose anything you like. With help of keeping a journal people can express their feelings and desires which they can’t say to everyone openly. If you have something to write or draw and don’t have time for that then you can write down the ideas in the back of your journal. It would be helpful to you when you have time for your journal.

If some ask you about your journal then explain him. It can also inspire him to start a journal of his own. Journal could contain anything according to people’s interest and likes such as playful paintings, travel journal, poems etc. some people also write on their daily routine during my visit to Australia like wherever they went in one day. Creating collections of old things such as ancient coins is also very interesting idea to make a journal which is liked by people. I can say that most of the people want to write about their life and desire so they need a way to express it and keeping a journal is the best method to express your feeling and emotions. I hope this would be helpful to know that why “keeping a journal” is so important to people.