This post is about my beloved family, having my husband, my son and his lovely friends (more than his life) – our pets. These pets one dog and one cute little bird are his best friend and rather the source of his happiness.

My son William use to spend most of his time with these buddies and it’s really amazing how they used to manage their thoughts being so different, like in way of communication, lifestyle or any other criteria.

Being more precise, they are three different species, but don’t seem with the way they used to behave and remain happy with each other. Any stranger can easily see and recognize them as the family members, deeply mixed in love. I am having amazing feeling to share my experiences and about my family and my pets too. I read the book “Love Does” a non- fiction book which is written by Bob Goff. I found the book is very amazing and must say you all should read that book. After reading the book I believe Love is very beautiful and real. I was very inspired from that book so I used that belief and experience in my site. I love to do painting and mostly use my vibrant H20 watercolors at my paintings. They look real and interact with each other. They look lovely in my paintings. I visited some blogs to make variety in my paintings.

One day one of my very close friend suggest me to bought a devotional book which is Jesus calling. I must say that was very amazing book. Next day when I read that book i really found peace and feeling very good. I always believe in living simple, help others those cross my path. The book has also an interesting part where it has been told to have pets with you is a good sign of positive energy all around you. And I got that opportunity through my son. My son is fond of pets so i brought a dog and a cute little bird and I really felt very positive environment at my home when my son use to play some games. Now they are part of my family, my son William loves them. My pets really helps me to lighten up my mood when I came back to my office, I played with them and with my children’s too. He loves them very much.