In my post I am going to share some tips about the journal. From where and how you can get idea for creating visual journal? I want to ask one question is where you get ideas for creating your own journal. But most of people do not have any idea about how they can create their journal with different and innovative ideas. Well I think the most important skill for any artist or any person who likes creativity is to learn or find any inspirational idea and get turn into a unique or creative work.

Actually it is very easy process but you have to need the creative thought. So, always try to find out innovative ideas from different things. Different and creative idea can come from different ways. You just need to observe these things and it will make your journal very unique. I have been making my journals for around thirty years. Now I am very much habitual of these kinds of games as they are the good source of enjoyment. It keeps me happy and creative because I tried to observe new idea from all over. And now I can say this is best part about my life which I have done. I have lots of journals like when I was happy, when I was sad, about my art school days. In fact it makes me happy when I look all of them. I must say you should create your own journals about anything which makes you happy, sad, and emotional. My journal also helps me when I over any project and for making me stress-free so; I use to start with random journal and make me the feeling of like I am reading my favorite book.

Here I am giving you some tips that will surely help you to make your own journal:

You can buy some journals that you will like to read. Read that and get some good points about that journal and you can give idea or thought what would you like to use in your journal. There is another option available that is you Google or finds online some people effort and best ideas to make your journal more attractive. Make your journal very creative and unique so you should use colorful papers and with draw something instead use of plane white paper, which makes your journal pretty and beautiful. I hope these points will help you to make your own journal best.