In this article I will narrate some information about different kind of art therapies of the Visual Journaling prompts. We can easily find the books on these kinds of art  and online gaming therapies in the market which can improve our exercise of the Visual Journaling prompts. As I have observed some of the famous art therapies which I liked to use for my Visual Journaling.

  • To keep a journal of our feelings, I think this is the frequent prompt used by people. We can also call it the feelings journal. We make a journal of what we feel about someone’s feelings. We can also attach different shapes, colors and photographs in order to store memories.
  • Many people use to make a journal for their relaxation. This is a very good way to reduce stress and makes you fresh.
  • One more art therapy is written in non-ascendant way. People try to write and make lines with their non-habitual hands. This prompt gives different and imaginary results.
  • A visual Journaling prompts also contains the journal of dreams. Many people, who have the time to write the visual journaling, especially in the morning, try to keep a journal on their dreams. If you also want to keep journal on your dreams then firstly you should write some phrases and introduce words and then narrate all the part of the dream.
  • There is also a most popular visual Journaling prompt, which is called ‘Photograph Journal.’ This kind of prompt is for those who don’t like to draw and make sketches. It contains the word and the images from the popular magazine of the relative topics. It can also be called the journal of images.
  • I have noticed that many people use to make journals of their intentions. It could be anything like their aim, wish, gratitude and purpose. We can call it the ‘intention journal.’ This art of visual Journaling doesn’t need to draw or take images for anything because it depends on the vision and imagination of the person.

There are many other art therapies which are utilized by many people to make a visual Journaling prompt. People have different mentality and thinking so they choose different methods to make their visual journals. They try to write their specific approaches, recording the dates of important days and many other purposes or things. Some people don’t make it alone; they take help of their friends and partners.