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A blog about Visual Journaling

Hi my name is Mac and this blog is about visual journaling. For many of us, keeping up with a diary is hard, we may not be born writers, or it might be just that writing is not our preferred method of expression. This is when I came with the idea of visual journaling.

Every now and then I would see in a movie that the diaries of people look so cool. Not the writing, but the layouts a, colours, and art surrounding the words, it’s like a piece of art in and on itself. I thought this would be very cool to do, but I still didn’t take action because I was too busy, or that’s what I told myself anyways.

So what’s the theory behind it? I think it is really important for people to keep some sort of journal on an ongoing basis. That’s what most people use facebook for these days, or twitter, or Instagram, or whatever. But I think that’s pretty lousy, plus you end up being read by lurkers and who knows who. I think people use facebook so much because they really like to keep track of what they do, not si much (as everyone thinks) because they like to show off with their friends. Or maybe it’s a combination of both. The point is, for those of us who are not really writing people, we tend to express ourselves better by using images. This is what visual journaling allows us to do, and there are many cognitive benefits .

If you have children and they are not writing a diary, I highly encourage you to get them started with visual journaling. What I found is that they become more calmed and confident. In a way, I think it encourages a mindful attitude, plus it provides them with a way to express them, which increases their confidence and self-esteem. It also limits their use of electronics and TV, which is a great added bonus. The best part of the playing online slots are, they provide more bonus points and real money.  I’m not against technology and I am all for encouraging them to sue it properly, but it can quickly suck up most of their time if you are not careful.