The online casino games that have become the most popular are the slot games. You can find them in various versions available worldwide.

Clover Rollover Slots is the most renowned version of all slot games in the casino games industry. This is a slot game that has 15 pay lines and 5 reels or reels. It has features that are wonderful as the massive progressive pot that has a value of £100,000 and the second pot that has a value of 10,000 coins.

About the Clover Rollover slot game

This slot game has an Irish theme. The symbols that are included in the game are Celtic cross, leprechaun, shamrock, a pot of gold, stout bar, maid and high-value cards. The most valuable of the symbols is the clover, everyone wants to have the clover because when 5 clovers appear they will give you a big prize for the maximum amount of bets you have made. What is special in this Clover Rollover slot game is that it has 15 pay lines without scatters or other wild cards as with other slot games.

The Clover Rollover online pokies is not a simple game, although it has no common symbols like most slot games. For fans, the Slot Rollover slot game will bring them a minimum progressive pot that has a value of £100,000 and also a maximum pot that will have a value of £1,000,000 in their round.

Clover Rollover has 5 paylines and 5 reels, with a progressive jackpot. It was designed by Playtech an experienced casino game developer. Like all traditional Irish-themed casino games, the green color is the one that stands out.

Clover Rollover is no exception; it is one of the greenest slots of all. There are many slot games that have the style of Emerald Isle, but what is still the casino game that most play online is Clover Rollover, is Bucky Bingo’s favorite. With the curtain that is at the bottom of Gaelic style on the top, a magical feeling is achieved in the game.

Clover Rollover has bonus symbols such as stout pints, goblin hats, and gold pots. It also has a fabulous progressive jackpot prize when you get 5 lucky clovers.

Although it does not have interactive bonuses, this slot game is extremely fun and you can enjoy it to the fullest. If you like Irish themes this game is the one that will entertain you the most.

Betting options available to players

Like other pokie games, the Clover Rollover game can offer you many betting options. A minimum number of bets of 0.10 coins and a maximum of 1.00 coins in a single line is what Clover Rollover offers you. And maximum bets of 5.00 coins in one round. All this is what makes most players like the Clover Rollover slot, according to the number of bets that players make, they will receive the payments, and therefore they must always place the biggest bets in order to obtain maximum payments which are possible in the game.

The progressive jackpot in the Clover Rollover slot game

The progressive pot is obtained by the player when 5 clubs are shown on the winning payline and then the player has placed the maximum bet. Also when the player does not place the maximum amount of bets, but 5 clubs leave the payline winner, this one can get 10,000 coins as the winning amount.

In addition to all this, they can also offer you slightly smaller pots of 7,500 coins and also of 5,000 coins, when you manage to get 5 Celtic cross symbols and 5 gold symbols respectively, in any of the winning pay lines.

The famous gold pots have always been a symbol of treasures in the Irish culture, so in the progressive jackpot you will have it insight and you will see how your treasure pot is increasing. In the Clover Rollover slot game, you will see how they are filling the riches when you are the lucky one and you activate the pot.


When you put small amounts of bets, you can enjoy the game while you earn a lot of money on it. You can enjoy and have a great time in this fabulous online slot game and it is due to the betting options that are available whose limits are lower every time.

You can get the slot game Clover Rollover at Bet365 in the United Kingdom, which is the best known online casino in the United Kingdom. It is for this reason that this slot game is so popular in the United Kingdom. Likewise, this slot game has become popular in the rest of the world.

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With all the benefits that Clover Rollover offers you, you will not find any other slot games like that. Your bets can double on a single line; take advantage when the symbols of greater value such as clover come out.

Find that treasure pot that the Irish goblins have hidden. Get lots of entertainment with this Irish theme; enjoy its spectacular green color like money. It is a game that you will not regret when you have tried it.

It is fun to see how the pot of treasure is filled with your wealth, which you have been accumulating little by little. Getting great profits in this slot game is exciting, the sound it has is spectacular and the graphics are great, you will find yourself in a real quest for the treasure of the Irish goblin.

To enjoy it to the fullest you can register at Bet365, the most famous casino of all the United Kingdom. The payments you get are very good; this is not the typical slot game like in the other casinos.

In addition, being an online slot game, you can enjoy it from anywhere in the world where you are, in the comfort of your home, in a park, etc. And you can enjoy it from any mobile device; these are great advantages of this online slot game.